Developmental delays are not a game.
But, the first step in improving them can be.

Vis-à-Vis is a non-profit socio-emotional cognitive training program for children and adolescents with autism and developmental delay. Featuring nine fun and interactive web-based games, the program is easily accessible to clinicians, educational aids, teachers, and parents alike.

Our Program

Vis-à-Vis targets three main areas, or domains, that are important for improving socio-emotional and reasoning skills. Participants complete four sessions a week for a total of 12 weeks.
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Tracking the eyes to understand social cues is the first step in unlocking human connection. This domain focuses on puzzles, the eyes, and the mouth.

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Tying facial expressions to their corresponding emotion develops empathy and helps to teach them to label and process emotional cues.

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Developing non-verbal working memory enhances the amount of information that can be processed while completing another mental task like conversing.

Our Games

The program consists of nine games, three in each of the domains. In addition, Vis-à-Vis includes a teaching module that provides examples and descriptions of the facial emotions. The teaching module focuses on the emotions that are used each week in the games.

Your Role

Vis-à-Vis should be done at the computer, in tandem with an adult. The interaction and stimulation of receiving undivided attention helps the child to work more efficiently on the material. In addition, we observed that being accompanied during the games reinforced participants’ interest in the program, their reading skills, and helped them to generalize their learning.
Student drawings of emotions

About Us

Vis-à-Vis is a non-profit software created by a team with more than fifteen years of neuroscience research investigating cognition and behavior in children with developmental handicaps.

Why We Created Vis-à-Vis

Dr. Bronwyn Glaser explains how research on developmental delays led to the creation of this valuable cognitive training tool. To support our non-profit mission and help children with developmental delays, your donations are gratefully accepted.

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Vis-à-Vis is a non-profit software created at the University of Geneva and developed by Geneva-based non-profit foundations.